Dramarama – “Work for Food”

It’s hard to go shopping in a thrift store these days without running into a t-shirt or two from Dramarama’s Hi-Fi-Sci-Fi tour, which was attended by approximately 10% of the U.S. population.



Pearl Jam – “Evenflow”

Pearl Jam was a relatively obscure Seattle band who enjoyed a brief spurt of popularity during the grunge revival of the nineties. Dressed in their favorite “wack slacks” and dismissing their critics as “lamestains,” Pearl Jam scored a minor success with their 1991 album Ten, though little has been heard from them since.





Apologies for the brevity of this week’s song-off. We’ll be back to our regular format next time. Last episode, Robert Cass pulled out a narrow victory over Mojo Flucke as Popdose readers preferred Dylan’s Rolling Stone over that of the Temptations. Next time, we’ll be debating who’s got more of a Rock and Roll Heart.

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