songsforthedumped.gifSome love stories are full of hideous terror, but some can teach us things, such as that for a not-insignificant portion of the populace, there is apparently something called a “Sexy Canadian thing.” Who knew? Molly Marinik teaches us that some loves actually can be stopped at the border. Pot, too.

“Love (Not Love)”
By Molly Marinik

My favorite breakup song is “Just Another Couple Broken Hearts” by Was (Not Was) (download). It’s helped me through many a dumping, and made me feel particularly good after I was dismissed by Mitch, my co-counselor at the summer camp where i worked the summer before my senior year of college. Mitch was from Vancouver and had a really sexy Canadian thing going on.

We were working at an overnight camp in the Poconos and started dating early on in the summer…after three months of a hot summer romance, it became apparent that we were going our separate ways (Mitch to British Columbia, and me back to Ohio to finish school). And since i was hellbent on living in New York and Mitch was never leaving Vancouver, it became apparent that a perpetual 3000 mile long-distance relationship was not going to work. So Mitch did that thing guys do and distanced himself, shut off emotionally, and refused to deal with the impending break-up like a normal person. On the last night of the summer, the staff all went out to a local bar and Mitch picked a fight with me and sat in the corner pouting all night.

We parted ways amicably, but after an intense romance it was a less than fulfilling goodbye. So the lyrics to “Just Another Couple Broken Hearts” consoled me:

“So save your tears for Shakespeare / Because no one’s lost a life here / We’re down and out and lonely / But we’ll be okay.”