Á¢€¢ Peter Schilling – “The Different Story (World of Lust and Crime)”

Á¢€¢ Boxcar – “Freemason”

Á¢€¢ Boxcar – “Gas Stop (Who Do You Think You Are?)”

Á¢€¢ Boxcar – Hell, their entire output

Á¢€¢ When In Rome – “The Promise”

Á¢€¢ Monaco – “What Do You Want From Me?”

Á¢€¢ Revenge – “Pineapple Face”

Á¢€¢ Hell, any Peter Hook solo project

Á¢€¢ Electronic – “Getting Away With It” (this can be excused)

Song You Didn’t Think Was New Order, But Was

Á¢€¢ “Crystal” (Who could blame you? It had been nearly ten years.)

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