Here’s a cautionary tale about what happens when you don’t turn your pieces around as quickly as possible: when we interviewed Andy Burrows, he was the drummer for Razorlight, who was about to release their third album Slipway Fires. By the time the piece ran, Andy had left the band. It was only a matter of weeks, but it was enough time for him to bail. In retrospect, we have to give him credit for not only agreeing to do press, but playing the role of a team player, a guy who still seemed invested in the band. Surely he was plotting his escape already, right?

Even stranger, he later joined We Are Scientists, the quirky New York guitar trio who wrote bouncy, very un-Razorlight songs like “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” and, our personal favorite, “Chick Lit.” Have to say, didn’t see that move coming.

Nor did we see this: Company, Burrows solo debut, set to drop October 23. So let’s recap: the drummer for Razorlight leaves the band, joins We Are Scientists, and then makes a solo album. What on earth does that sound like?

Near as we can tell, it sounds like Josh Rouse’s 1972.

This is an AM Gold kind of record, filled with pretty, slightly wistful vocals, delicately strummed guitars, tasteful pianos, the kind of thing that Stephen Bishop would like to call his own (especially the song “Somebody Calls Your Name”). Popdose is giving away the title track, and it’s a gem, like the acoustic equivalent of that Ghost vs. Saane album from a few years ago. Minor keys and drama dominate, but it’s so damn pretty, and the rest of the album is just as tasty. Dive in.

Andy Burrows – Company

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