In today’s scary, post-Captain and Tennille pop landscape, we all need a little extra love to keep us together. Enter Nashville’s Adam and I, a button-cute duo whose leadoff single, “We Have Love,” is every bit as marshmallowy sweet as one might reasonably expect, given the song title: All pillow-soft harmonies, moony-eyed lyrics, and sunny steel-string guitars, it bounces along on the knowledge that as long as our happy couple has each other, everything will be okay. Hell, it even includes a dual mouth kazoo solo section.

But hey, who doesn’t like marshmallows once in awhile? And for that matter, who doesn’t want to celebrate happiness every now and again? Not a one of you, I’ll wager, and for that matter, I’d be willing to bet that more than a few of you will find “We Have Love” difficult to resist. So why try? Let’s all hold hands, gaze into one another’s eyes, and sing along.

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