You say “soulful big-band crooner,” and I say “There’s somewhere else I need to be right now” — most of the time, anyway. But Rory Partin is a happy exception: Although his sound is such that he’s likely to be lumped in with the Bubles of the world (and I’m sure his music will play well to that demographic), Partin isn’t as slick as those guys, and his best songs are set apart by a sharp sense of humor and a dash of gospel grit.

For example, here’s “Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me,” from Partin’s upcoming summer-scheduled release. He isn’t reinventing the wheel here, but I can’t help but smile at a guy who rhymes “room” and “honeymoon” with “take a pin to a heart-shaped balloon” — and I love any background vocals that put me in mind of the peerless Sir Harry Bowens and Sweet Pea Atkinson. Check it out below, and load this onto your favorite portable music device for the next time you’re dumped while wearing a suit and tie.

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