We’re making a list.  Help us check it twice!

About eighteen months ago, we put together a list of (in our collective opinion) the 100 Greatest Cover Songs of All Time.  It has generated more discussion than any other post we’ve published on this site, and the most common objection folks have is “How could you leave off _______ by _______?”  We were voting from a huge list of more than 800 songs, and chances are, if the song didn’t make the cut, it was because not enough of us voted for it, or that the few who did failed to rank it highly enough.  But there were a few select examples where a song that probably would have secured a spot on the countdown didn’t make the top 100 list because nobody happened to think of it during the nomination process.

This year, as part of the always-festive holiday season at Popdose, we’re going to be presenting you with the 100 Greatest Holiday Songs of All Time.  And to make sure that nobody misses the cut that deserved to make it, we’re going to open the floor and let you voice your own nominations.  Please leave your suggestions in the comments – as many as you like – and we’ll make sure they get considered alongside the other 300+ songs we’ve already come up with.

Oh, one last thing.  Don’t worry – we didn’t forget Christmas Shoes.

[youtube id=”iq10bz3PxyY” width=”600″ height=”350″]