Taking home that shiny gramophone isn’t quite the career-defining honor it used to be, but the Grammy Awards are still a chance to see some of music’s biggest stars together under one roof, and since you never know who might turn in a noteworthy live performance — and because there’s always something a little entertaining about watching wealthy, impossibly well-dressed celebrities pat each other on the back — we know tonight’s ceremony will draw millions of viewers.

We assume at least some of you will be tuning in, too, so we’ve dusted off our fancy-shmancy chat room and opened it back up for the first major music awards show of the year. Who will win? Who will lip sync? What the hell is Lady Gaga wearing? Have a seat, pour yourself a tumbler of bourbon from Ted’s wet bar, and let’s watch the whole damn three-and-a-half-hour mess together.

To join in, all you need to do is pick a nickname and enter the chatroom. That’s it — no muss, no fuss. See you there!

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