The Friday Five

Friday Five : |ˈfrÄ«dā – fÄ«v| : On the sixth day of every week, I hit the shuffle button in iTunes and share the first five tracks and thought for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, occasionally we’ll have a guest, but most of the time it’s just me. The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up the media player of your choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments.

The Five:

March of the Fuckheads” by Nine Inch Nails (from Closer to God, 1994)

Well, good morning to you, Mr. Reznor! There was a point–somewhere between 1992 and 1998–where I was a faithful devotee to all things NIN. While I’m still mostly enamored with most of Reznor’s output, it was somewhere around the The Fragile that I stopped the obsessive collection of all the “Halos.”

Rachel” by Sleigh Bells (from Treats, 2010)

Over fifty thousand songs in my local iTunes library, and the shuffle brings up Sleigh Bells twice in two weeks? From the same record–that I’ve already stated my general ambivalence towards–no less? No, iTunes; you will not make me like this record, no matter how hard you try.

Le Ballet D’or” by Counting Crows (from Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings, 2008)

Every time I give up on Counting Crows, Adam Duritz goes and turns in a tune like this that reaffirms my faith in his songwriting.

Laundry Room” by The Avett Brothers (from I and Love and You, 2009)

I don’t know, I just don’t particularly care for the brothers Avett. This tune is perfectly beautiful, chock full of all the elements that should make me love it, yet I find it all so damned pedestrian. I’m certain that someone in the comments will state, “but, you have to see them live!” True as that may be, their recorded output hasn’t really inspired me to buy a ticket.

Papercuts (The Reason for the Lesions remix by Mr. Dibbs)” by Gym Class Heroes (from The Papercut Chronicles, 2005)

Travie McCoy has a flow far better than the majority of the tracks he produces.

Man, this is a disappointing showing.

What’s on your shuffle today?

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