Pico at Something Else! has a one-track mind — and that track is Keith Richards’ “Take It So Hard”;

Femi Kuti’s got a new record coming out;

Cahl’s Juke Joint mourns the passing of Alton Ellis, and assembles an Election Day playlist (no mp3s);

Jeff Vrabel wades into the thick of the nation’s premier pierogi-based competition for the second year in a row;

To help with storytime during this time of economic hardship and uncertainty, Slate compiles a list of great kids’ books about financial ruin;

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture blog runs some stunning close-up pictures of the fucking sun;

Pearl and Dean ranks Bambi as the best “tear-jerker” of all time;

Ringo Starr is too busy for your stupid fan mail;

Tim McGraw wishes he hadn’t signed that contract with slimy-ass Curb Records;

Topless Robot uncovers some disturbing videogame-related ladies’ underwear;

Anthony Kuzminski is all kinds of excited about the new Ryan Adams;

Slacktivist breaks down the slimy GOP attack against the good people of ACORN;

Geekologie interviews the biggest goddamn nerd in the entire world;

…And the geniuses behind the “Literal Videos” series gives the literal treatment to Tears for Fears’ “Head Over Heels”:

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