The good people at NBC stream next week’s season premiere of 30 Rock in its entirety;

Yours truly helps Rotten Tomatoes pay tribute to the most prolific killers in slasher-flick history;

Our good friend Wing was in NYC this week, and look who showed up to see her;

Way Out Junk features an entire album’s worth of pipe organ music from Organ Grinder Pizza;

Topless Robot lists the 10 best fantasy toy lines of the ’80s;

The Onion’s A.V. Club revisits 13 fake presidential campaigns;

Greg Palast urges you to steal back your vote;

Funky16Corners serves up a steaming plate of Hammond;

The New York Times profiles the Eels’ Mark “E” Everett, and gets his thoughts on the recent Nova documentary about his father;

The Big Picture posts another lovely photo essay — this one about Berlin’s Festival of Lights;

The Washington Post’s Richard Lipski sits down for a chat with the Queen of Soul;

Our pal Jeff Vrabel warns of the imminent fall of Pandora;

Slacktivist continues dissecting the phony “voter fraud” scandal being ginned up by the GOP;

Oh my God, they’re taking close-up shots of Saturn’s freaking moon;

…And Renee and Jeremy release a video for their song “We Are One” to benefit Action Aid:

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