WFMU’s Beware of the Blog strips out the best parts of the Dreams of My Father audiobook;

Will Harris runs down and wraps up the New York Comic-Con;

Pet Shop Boys debut a new track, “Love Etc.”;

JJ Fad prepared to get Supersonic all over again;

Culture Bully offers an early appraisal of Morrissey’s Years of Refusal;

Green Day announces plans to release a new album in May;

Jeff Vrabel is at a 5-year-old’s birthday party, and it is on fire…and he also knows it’s still a Small World after all;

Something Else! profiles the great Jon Hassell;

Ken at Gaper’s Blog loves the Damnwells, and tells us their new album is available for free download, then focuses volume LXIX of his Unheard Music series on the very MBV-ish band Medicine;

Cahl’s Juke Joint spins the new one from George Kontrafouris, and posts a mixtape of the best songs about coffee;

Nah Right posts J.Period’s Q-Tip remix/best-of project, The [Abstract] Best;

Brandon Schott kicks off his series of Homegrown Recordings with a lovely lullaby, “All Is Full of Love”;

The Wall Street Journal makes the case for Miley Cyrus as a good role model, and praises the work of jazz archivist Anthony Barnett;

Tommy Keene makes a mixtape for Magnet Magazine;

Ickmusic has spotted some Lions in the Street, and wants to alert you to their rockin’ presence;

Slacktivist celebrates Darwin’s birthday by mourning how far we haven’t come;

Some hellbound son of a bitch robs Daptone Records;

Darren Robbins’ favorite rock star announces plans for a tour with Jane’s Addiction;

…and, of course, some poor hysterical woman missed her flight out of Hong Kong International Airport:

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