I love the night links, I got to boogie, on the disco round, oh yeah:

Malchus the Geat writes a beautifully heartfelt ode to “The Rainbow Connection.” More like this, please.

John from Lost in the ’80s serves up Prince Protégé Week, and though he’s only gotten through Sheila E. and Vanity 6, that may be enough for you.

The gang at Idolator gets triple jiggy, intellectual-property style, with posts about why the RIAA thinks CDs are underpriced, why the guy who invented the Electric Slide is a litigous weirdo, and how Steve Jobs is playing Reagan to the major labels’ Soviet Union.

Jason sees Patty Griffin live, the lucky shit, and then puts John Lennon’s “Woman” and Sheriff’s “When I’m With You” on an endless repeating loop in my brain.

Bruce at Some Velvet Blog alerts us to some new, NOLA-inspired Michelle Shocked.

:And here’s what I’m reviewing this week at Bullz-Eye:

Norah Jones’ Not Too Late:
(“If you’ve heard the first single, “Thinkin’ about You,” it’s as likely as not that you’ve wondered why Blue Note chose such a drowsy, hook-deficient thing to lead the charge at radio; the simple answer is that it might be the most radio-friendly song on the album.”)

John Hammond’s Push Comes to Shove:
(“Push Comes to Shove is a belching, roaring beast of a blues record, all fat drums, distorted guitars, and howling, dusty vocals; it’s a thoroughly worthy addition to Hammond’s catalog, and a full-blooded continuation of his recent hot streak.”)

The Holmes Brothers’ State of Grace:
(“When the trio, joined by members of Ollabelle, sings, And who keeps on loving you / When you’ve been lying / Saying things ain’t what they seem / God does / But I don’t / God will / But I won’t / And that’s the difference between God and me, you may need to resist the urge to tithe.”)

Ronnie Lane’s Just for a Moment:
(“This is an era in which every Tom’s Harry Dick gets an Essential collection, and yet Lane’s solo albums remain import-only titles on these shores, and it fell to his estate to assemble and release Just for a Moment.”)

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