Rotten Tomatoes let me give in to my inner snark with this month’s Big Feature: The 100 Worst-Reviewed Films of All Time. (I wrote the Editor’s Notes for Numbers 20-1:except for one movie. First reader to correctly guess which one I didn’t write gets $15 to spend at Amazon!)

John at You Must Be from Away pays tribute to Paved Country;

AM, then FM goes mudsharkin’;

Bruce at Some Velvet Blog tips us off to some new Graham Parker, then heralds the return of the Avett Brothers;

Pete at Ickmusic gives a referral for Matt the Electrician, then serves up some tasty live Pogues;

Taylor at T-Sides finds another lost mp3;

Py Korry takes a look back at Ofra Haza, then joins the growing list of RIAAint’s Á¢€” and then posts a non-RIAA Friday mix (including a song by yours truly!);

Amanda at MamaPop! digs up a Wikipedia entry chronicling the Halpert/Schrute feud;

Slacktivist holds forth on civility;

Jason connects the dots between Ambrosia and date rape;

Idolator gives me a warm fuzzy;

Jeff Vrabel reminds us, in dependably hilarious fashion, that the music biz is sort of shady;

And Kurt’s most excellent Week in Rock roundtable (of which yours truly is a member) enters its second week Á¢€” part one and part two.

And here’s what I’m reviewing this week at Bullz-Eye:

Barenaked Ladies’ Barenaked Ladies Are Men:
(“Fans hoping for another “Brian Wilson” or “The Old Apartment” are going to be disappointed again, but those hopes are unreasonable anyway, and they deserve to be dashed.”)

moe.’s The Conch:
(“It smells like weed and beer, and it’s shaped like a hacky sack, but this set of songs has a solid core.”)

Patty Griffin’s Children Running Through:
(“For an artist who seemed to burst out of her debut fully formed, she’s already traveled an admirable distance, and with this album, she’s arrived at what seems like a particularly fertile junction.”)

Rickie Lee Jones’ The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard:
(“This album is a lot of things, many of them impossible to squeeze into the written word, but most of all, it’s the sound of an artist operating without a safety net.”)

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