Jeff Vrabel heralds a breakthrough in human/Autobot relations, genuflects at a chocolate altar, then tells us why ashes are having the Best Week Ever;

J from Thinking About: experiences a surge of Shalom in her home;

Slacktivist talks about the Bargain and the Prize;

Consumerist descends into Equifax hell;

John at You Must Be From Away posts a midweek mixtape, then gives us some stuff for free;

Jason outdoes himself with his latest Mellow Gold post, then revisits the week of April 8, 1989;

Malchus takes his Basement Songs on the road;

Py Korry gives us another Mix Six Á¢€” is it emo? You decide;

Idolator reheats a delicious plate of Michael McDonald lecturing Rerun about the evils of bootlegging;

And our wonderful roundtable reconvenes over at Kurt’s place Á¢€” come and join us as we discuss everything from Phil Collins to Alex Karras to the existence of “hot prog nerds”!

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