AM, Then FM dishes up some live Zevon;

The Week in Rock tackles another set of songs Á¢€” and out come the Andrew Ridgeley confessions;

Consumerist tells us why Verizon has the most evil best lawyers on the planet, then proves corporate stupidity has literally no fucking limit;

Py Korry suffers through the new Rush album, then compiles a Mix Six of benefit songs from the ’80s;

Jeff Vrabel discusses the case of the $65 million pair of pants, wipes up after the week’s Axl leak, then makes me cringe in abject horror;

Defamisher (via the London Times) tells us that there’s more sugar in everything;

The Hits Just Keep on Comin’ marvels at the phenomenon known as the Partial Reunion;

Ickmusic delivers another Prince aftershow;

Homeland Stupidity unearths another reason our legislators need hobbies, then continues its coverage of the unfolding national ID ruckus;

You Must Be From Away serves up another Midweek Mixtape;

Jason survives another excursion into the Mines of Mellow Gold, then writes his most contemporary post ever;

Some Velvet Blog waxes rhapsodic about Jesca Hoop;

MamaPop! links to the world’s coolest eight-year-old interviewing TMBG;

Theme Park Experience sticks up for Hum

Schiing opens the closet and empties out a list full of skeletons;

Malchus continues his excellent Basement Songs series;

:And you can help my buddy Rahul’s sister-in-law win a photography contest by clicking here and voting.

And here’s what I’m reviewing over at Bullz-Eye this week:

Mavis Staples’ We’ll Never Turn Back:
(“This is political stuff, and if you don’t have any interest in the modern history of race relations in America, some of the references will sail over your head; what surely will not escape you, however, is the depth of feeling that moves the music.”)

Warren Zevon’s Excitable Boy:
(“From a pure production standpoint, there might not be an album that sounds more like Laurel Canyon during the waning months of the ’70s. This isn’t necessarily a good thing.”)

Warren Zevon’s Stand in the Fire:
(“Some listeners might pine for a more adventurous selection, but these are damn fine songs, and they’re delivered with a lot more fire and grit than the original recordings.”)

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