Hell yes, Soul Shower is back;

Maybe We Ain’t That Young Anymore hosts a Song Smackoff! Á¢€” here’s Round 1, bracket 1, Round 1, bracket 2, and Round 2 Á¢€” and then heads to the soundboard for some live Huey Lewis;

Jeff Vrabel discovers that Thomas the Tank Engine hates him, then writes an impassioned defense of the good people of Slovakia;

AM, Then FM knows that all you need is lime, then finds out what 49+1 equals;

The Lovely Mrs. Davis shares her Minivan Rotation, then relives the wonder of ’80s high school movies;

Idolator reminds us that yes, there was a Thompson Twins videogame, gives us an update on the career of that one guy from the Presidents of the United States of America, and underscores the point that with Clear Channel, it’s always worse than you think;

Lost in the ’80s digs up some lost odds & sods;

Jason makes with some more Mellow Golden goodness, then steers the good ship Chart Attack into the shark-infested waters of June 1982;

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends puts together a bitchin’ summer mixtape;

Feministing reports on the most infuriating trial of 2007;

You Must Be From Away fills us in on Tuwhare;

Schiing lets his iPod do the talking;

Py Korry hosts a boomin’ Mix Six, deejayed by Miss Taylor of T-Sides Á¢€” and speaking of T-Sides, the Lost MP3 of the Week comes to you direct from the Real Genius soundtrack;

Malchus continues his wonderful Basement Songs series;

:and over at Bullz-Eye, I review new releases from Bruce Springsteen and Loudon Wainwright III.

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