Schiing dips into his stack of Random Tracks and comes up with some Stephanie Mills;

Mulberry Panda 96 explores the phenomenon known as hip-hop amnesia;

Ickmusic boogies down with the P-Funk mothership, live in ’78, then takes a look at what the kids are listening to;

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends cracks open the new Jesse Harris, then makes with the Monday Music Roundup;

Jeff Vrabel heralds the arrival of Transformers: The Movie, updates us on the sad saga of Takeru Kobayahi, then proves that American consumers are really fucking stupid;

Consumerist makes me thirsty (for tap water), then shows what making minimum wage will do to a person’s sense of humor;

AM, Then FM hops into the Wayback Machine, “Hey Rocky“-style;

Idolator links to the new Vanity Fair interview with rock god/weirdo Sly Stone;

It’s Lost B-sides Week at Lost in the ’80s: Grab some rare Sparks, some non-album Culture Club, and some dusty old Gene Loves Jezebel;

Maybe We Ain’t That Young Anymore succumbs to Midnight Oil Madness Á¢€” Part One and Part Two;

T-Sides unearths another Lost MP3, this time Gossip-style;

Some Velvet Blog would like to introduce you to Tacks, the Boy Disaster;

Soul Shower kicks off its Summer Fling Á¢€” check out Part One, then Part Two, and finally Part Three;

Davewillieradio laments the passing of Boots Randolph;

You Must Be from Away unspools another Midweek Mixtape, then tips hip parent-types off to the cool kids’ music of Kath Bee;

Jason Hare chips some patriotic ore out of the Mines of Mellow Gold, then goes after Billboard’s Top Ten singles from July 6, 1985;

Py Korry serves up a Michael Jackson Mix Six;

:and I review Mandy Moore’s Wild Hope over at Bullz-Eye.

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