DaBlog gives it up for Wayne Shorter and Terence Blanchard, then reviews the new Robben Ford and comes to the defense of the Goo Goo Dolls;

AM, Then FM kneels at the altar of Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings;

Ickmusic continues the vinyl resurrection (more on that later), then shares DC’s best-kept secret and some live Talking Heads;

Funky16Corners serves up two helpings of Stax, then looks back at Curtis Knight & the Squires (featuring someone you might know);

The Screen Door has a bone to pick with the Traveling Wilburys;

Idolator bids a fond farewell to Lee Hazlewood, then counts down the 100 Greatest R&B Songs of All Time;

Consumerist brilliantly, succinctly illustrates every damn thing that’s wrong with corporate America, then looks at the top consumer scams as identified by Consumer Reports;

Kurt’s Krap reminisces about Shy’s Excess All Areas;

Wings for Wheels hops on the Flight of the Conchords bandwagon, then compiles an anniversary podcast, shows some Nick Lowe love, and shares the details of the new Springsteen record;

Theme Park Experience takes a look back at rock’s Class of ’97;

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends shares a new Counting Crows song, talks about the new Rogue Wave and relives the Jackson 5’s audition for Motown;

T-Sides heralds the return of Bring Back the Guns;

Jason Hare takes a short break from loafing and gives us another load of Mellow Gold;

The Lovely Mrs. Davis reminds us not to blame the clown;

Lost in the ’80s revels in some Divine nostalgia, then says “hey, remember Men Without Hats?”;

Way Out Junk digs up some classic Mister Rogers goodness;

Py Korry spins a vinyl Mix Six (yes, more on that later);

:and Mulberry Panda 96 reviews a classic ‘Mats concert.

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