I wrote the Fall Movie Preview over at Rotten Tomatoes:


Maybe We Ain’t That Young Anymore delivers some live Billy Idol (1982), then shares some live Radiohead in two parts before giving a tip of the hat to the Blasters;

Ickmusic gives us a Prince show from ’87, acknowledges the wonder that was the Faces, then takes another look at what the kids are listening to;

He’s a Whore begins a look back at the career of our friend Darren Robbins Á¢€” first the beginning, then a strange encounter with Jeff Tweedy, then the first hard lesson of the live act Á¢€” and then fires off an open letter to Edward VH;

The Screen Door gets in on the Power Ballad fun, then breaks the story on the latest act of pettiness from the Van Halen camp;

Funky16Corners gives us some soul satisfaction;

Jeff Vrabel discovers that Chinese buffets and karaoke do not mix, then bids an unexpectedly bittersweet adieu to Turd Blossom the Boy Genius;

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends wrangles another Monday Music Roundup, then praises the musical poetry of Luke Doucet;

Lost in the ’80s celebrates Canadian disco;

You Must Be From Away gives us the best (and worst) of 1973, then some live Danko and Helm;

Kurt’s Krap celebrates Steve Perry’s Street Talk;

Idolator continues counting down the 100 Greatest R&B Songs of All Time, then looks at the various Wikipedia edits commissioned by major labels with too much money;

DaBlog takes a look at Danny Seraphine’s return to record-making, then gives it up for Willie Kent;

AM, Then FM bids farewell to the Skip;

Gaper’s Blog kicks off a new series: The Unheard Music;

Py Korry spins an electronic Mix Six;

Isn’t the Light OK? blows out twenty-five candles for the compact disc;

Malchus posts another Basement Song, Stevie Ray Vaughan-style;

:and Jason Hare attacks the charts for the week of August 16, 1986.

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