Watch the new Willie Wisely video, starring the always-lovely Jenna Fischer:

Pitchfork interviews Daryl Hall, and the results are fascinating;

MamaPop links to a compilation of Alex Trebek’s saltier moments;

I Like Your Crappy Band plays Hide & Go Seek;

He’s a Whore relives what it was like to open for Stevie Ray Vaughan, release that magical first CD, and record with Jim Ellison, then dissects the Beatles;

DaBlog listens to some Ornette Coleman, Christopher Caouette, and Manhattan New Music Project;

Ickmusic goes all the way back to a Human League gig in 1980, remembers Joseph Hill and Culture, and shares some Springsteen, live at the Roxy, 1978 (part one and part two);

Cahl’s Juke Joint heralds the return of Bettye LaVette;

Funky16Corners takes us into the Summer Dog Daze, then bids adieu to Louis Chachere, king of the Hammond, and serves up a Hammond-dominated Friday Flashback;

Idolator chronicles Van Halen’s continued journey into fuckerdom, keeps counting down the 100 Greatest R&B Songs of All Time, and reminds us that Ted Nugent is still an enormous fucking tool;

The Screen Door gives us reason #9274 that Tommy Lee is a fake;

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends delivers another Monday Music Roundup, then remembers the Lennon-Jagger summit of ’73;

AM, Then FM goes to an Alice Cooper show, then digs into the crates and comes out with some classic Joe South;

Some Velvet Blog reminds us that things go better with Coke;

Jeff Vrabel heads to the golden arches, then wants to know what you did with your twelve weeks of vacation last year;

You Must Be from Away hails the mighty Alan Lomax, then runs down the best (and worst) of 1972;

Lost in the ’80s revisits the crossroads of New Wave and Robert Plant, then reminds us of The Primitives;

Jason Hare bravely re-enters the Mines of Mellow Gold and comes out with Amy Winehouse’s mom, then goes back to 1984 for his latest Chart Attack!;

Maybe We Ain’t That Young Anymore gives it up for Eric Johnson, then gives us a little live AC/DC;

Feministing seeks justice for Private Johnson;

Schiing is on fire Á¢€” FIRE!;

Thunderbolt delivers another wonderful Basement Song;

Hooray, hooray, T-Sides is back;

Py Korry spins a classic rock Mix Six;

:and Gaper’s Blog posts another fine edition of Unheard Music.

Meanwhile, over at Bullz-Eye, I wrote the Fall Movie Preview:

:and wrote reviews of the latest albums from Rilo Kiley, Jeremy Fisher, Fionn Regan, Bruce Hornsby/Christian McBride/Jack DeJohnette, and Peter Case.

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