Some Velvet Blog doffs its cap to Little Feat;

DaBlog takes a look at Steve Smith’s extracurricular activities, then toasts the great Roach/Gillespie summit, the great Snooks Eaglin, and Freddie Krc and the Shakin’ Apostles;

Ickmusic serves up Soul II Soul Sunday;

Mulberry Panda 96 realizes Adam Sandler is all grown up;

Jeff Vrabel takes part in some monkey business;

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends assembles another Monday Music Roundup, then shares some leaked Pearl Jam demos, and relives Ella Fitzgerald’s Apollo Theatre discovery;

Wings for Wheels reviews a PBS documentary you must see;

Jason Hare comes out of the Mellow Mines with a new logo, then attacks the charts for 8/1/81;

Funky16Corners unveils Rubber Souled, Part 3;

Thunderbolt comes up from downstairs with another Basement Song;

Py Korry rips some Radio Tokyo Tapes, then serves up a speedy Mix Six;

You Must Be From Away delivers another Midweek Mixtape;

Maybe We Ain’t That Young Anymore gives it up for Crowded House;

Gaper’s Blog is in the audience for Pearl Jam’s show at the Vic;

:and Kurt’s Krap sings the praises of Foreigner 4.

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