As you know if you follow my quasi-weekly column ”Way Out Wednesday,” I also run a blog called ”Way Out Junk.” (It is, in fact, what got me the Popdose gig in the first place.) For the column I do here, I focus on an album featured on my blog. However, there are some albums that I didn’t write about here for one reason or another, usually because I either couldn’t think of anything interesting to say or there were only a couple of songs I especially liked on the record in question. So for my first Friday Mixtape, I give these unsung albums (unsung for here anyway) a chance to shine. I also included a few songs from more recent entries. Clicking on the album will lead you to its corresponding entry on my blog. Enjoy!

Annette and the Beach Boys – The Monkey’s Uncle from Annette
Teevee Toons Master Mix – Jane, Get Me Off This Crazy Thing! (Prime Time Radio Mix) from Jane, Get Me Off This Crazy Thing!
The Wellingtons – Scarecrow from Mickey and His Friends
Zombies from the Beyond Cast – The American Way from Zombies from the Beyond
Muppets – I Want a Monster to Be My Friend from Sesame Street Monsters
The Rolling Headstones – Chick a Boom from Groovie Goolies Rarities
Art Carney – Song of the Sewer from It’s Honeymooners Time
Connie Zimet – Goldflaker from James Blonde – The Man from T.A.N.T.E.
David Seville, the Chipmunks and the Jimmy Joyce Singers – Me Too (Ho Ho Ha Ha) from The Chipmunks Sing with Children
Mister Moose – When Ping Pong Balls Are Falling from Captain Kangaroo and His Friends Sing Songs of the Treasure House
Bozo the Clown – The Marine’s Hymn from Bozo and the Big Top Circus Parade
Mighty Mouse – Mighty Mouse Theme from TV Jamboree
Yum Yum Kids – Mad Dogs and Englishmen from Down in Jungle Town
The Square Song from The Square Song
Bob McGrath – Muskrat Love from Bob Sings!