In the late ’90s and early ’00s, I went head first down the power-pop rabbit hole. I eventually regretted it for some reason (oh wait, I remember now — the scene turned to complete and utter shit), but at the time it was the only real alternative to nu-metal and the crud that was clogging modern-rock playlists. Looking back, I’m still not sure why some of these songs didn’t find a larger audience. And how sad that we just lost one of these artists a couple weeks ago. Rest in peace, Will Owsley.

David Mead – Mine and Yours from Mine and Yours (2001)
IceCream Hands – Dodgy from Sweeter Than the Radio (1999)
Ween – Even If You Don’t from White Pepper (2000)
Owsley – The Sky Is Falling from Owsley (1999)
The Merrymakers – Superstar from Bubblegun (1999)
Bleu – We’ll Do It All Again from Redhead (2003)
Fluid Ounces – Have Fun from In the New Old Fashioned Way (1999)
Michael Carpenter – Kailee Ann from Hopefulness (2001)
The Shazam – RU Receiving from Godspeed the Shazam (2000)
The Lolas – Radio Dios/The Only People in the World from Silver Dollar Sunday (2001)
The Fantastic Leslie – Turning to Gold from A Tiny Mark (1999)
John Faye Power Trip – A Good Year for the Girls from John Faye Power Trip (1999)
Paul Melancon – Jeff Lynne from Camera Obscura (2002)
Pernice Brothers – She Heightened Everything from The World Won’t End (2001)
Sugarbomb – After All from Bully (2001)

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