A cappella is defined as music that is sung without instrumental accompaniment. According to the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, a cappella music was originally ”composed to be performed in chapels which, unlike large churches, have no organs” (just like Private Arthur Newberry). A cappella singing ranges from barbershop music to jazz and contemporary styles. Sometimes percussion instruments are used, while other times percussion effects are performed by the voice as well. I tried to include a wide variety of songs for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

The Nylons – Good Old Acappella from Four On The Floor

Theme from Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures

Beach Boys – A Young Man Is Gone from Little Deuce Coupe/ All Summer Long

The Blenders – Don’t Worry, Be Happy from From the Mouth

Theme from I Married Joan from Television’s Greatest Hits, Vol.2

The Bobs – Disco Inferno from The Bobs Cover the Songs of…

Da Vinci’s Notebook – Title of the Song from The Life and Times of Mike Fanning

The Blanks – Underdog from Riding the Wave

Billy Joel – The Longest Time from An Innocent Man

Moosebutter – Star Wars from see dee

Hi-Fidelity – Enterprise/Sulu Medley from Reach for the Stars

Freehold, New Jersey – Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow from KFOG Presents M. Dung’s Idiot Show Classics

The Housemartins – Caravan of Love from Modern A Cappella

Acapella – Travelin’ Shoes from Travelin Shoes

Prelude – After the Goldrush from Hard to Find 45s on CD, Volume 8

Straight No Chaser (featuring Barry Manilow) – One Voice from With A Twist

Forever Plaid – Scotland the Brave from Forever Plaid

Rockapella – Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego from Television’s Greatest Hits Vol. 7

The Monkees – Riu Chiu from Missing Links, Vol. 2

Sir Thomas Neville Servo Singers – Air on a Delta Knight from Clowns in the Sky 2

Charlotte Sweet cast – Liverpool Sunset from Charlotte Sweet

Bobby McFerrin – The Wizard of Oz (Live) from For Our Children – The Concert