Jay Nash

“Music to me is the opposite of competition.”

With some artists, you might scoff, hearing them say those words, but talking with singer/songwriter Jay Nash, it’s easy to hear the truth that sits behind his words and believe it.

The music that he makes is as thought-provoking as the titles of the albums that house the songs.  Nash’s new album Letters From The Lost (set for a May release) is an intoxicating series of musical messages tucked into a bottle which weave their way into your psyche with not only words, but also the surrounding sounds helping to paint the visuals.

The assembly process for Letters started from scratch — as Jay shares with us, he went in without a concept in mind. There was no planned story to tell and the songs hadn’t been written. But there was a disciplinary element built into the process as well, with Nash giving himself about a day to complete each song, employing the philosophy that “it was either going to happen or it wasn’t.”

Letters From The Lost is probably the most compelling album that Nash has released to date and we enjoyed getting the chance to dig deep with Jay and get the story of how it all came together.

He also graciously brought his guitar into the virtual Popdose studios to play a few songs live and now, the entire experience has been stitched together for your listening pleasure.

The Matt N’ Jeff Radio Hour, Episode 11: Jay Nash interview

And here’s a taste of what Jay played during our conversation: A live version of “Wander,” the first single from Letters from the Lost. (download)

Visit Jay online via his official website, where you can purchase/listen to his albums and check the show listings to find out if he’s headed your way!