We run the Matt ‘N’ Jeff Radio Hour under the guiding principle that everyone has a story — and if the artist’s music moves us, we’re interested in hearing that story, whether or not the act in question is a household name. This week’s guest, singer/songwriter Ed Romanoff, is a perfect example of that approach paying off: While we weren’t familiar with his work prior to setting up the interview, we both became fans after listening to Ed’s debut album. And that was just the prelude for the discussion you hear here, which finds us talking about some of the many incredible chapters in his fascinating story, including his struggle back from complete memory loss as a young man to his decision to embark on a career in music later in life — and the stunning discovery that turned his family upside down while providing the grist for one of the album’s most personal songs.

In short, while you may never have heard of Ed Romanoff before today, we feel confident saying you won’t soon forget him after hearing this interview. It contains a little of everything we strive for here at the Radio Hour: Intimate moments, humor, and a few live performances thrown in for good measure. Check it out below, and meet us back here next week for another installment!

The Matt ‘N’ Jeff Radio Hour, Episode 21: Ed Romanoff