Hola, amigos! We know it’s been a long time since we rapped at you, but your ever-brainstorming hosts have spent much of 2013 juggling various major life events while embarking on a new project with our pal Rob Smith, and over the last few weeks, scheduling has gotten the better of us. Add that to some unfortunate technical difficulties, and here we are.

Happily, “here” also includes a new episode of the Matt ‘N’ Jeff Radio Hour — one that finds us sitting down with kindie superstar and all-around musical genius Justin Roberts, whose new album Recess gave us just the opportunity we needed to discuss the ins and outs of writing for an all-ages audience, touring like a lunatic, and respecting the sanctity of a well-written pop bridge. Ladies and gents, here’s Justin:

The Matt N’ Jeff Radio Hour, Episode 29: Justin Roberts

And as an added bonus, here’s Justin’s new video for “Recess”!

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”zNb5SPOYLCQ”]

Justin Roberts image used with permission.