Singer/songwriters are a dime a goddamn dozen, but Ben Arthur stands out from the pack — not only does the man boast an uncommonly sharp sense of humor, but he’s also an artist of impressive depth, sensitivity, and prolificity. We caught up with Ben during a recent break between tourdates to promote his latest project, the ambitious CD/novel hybrid If You Look for My Heart, and — in between the requisite “‘sup, fuckers” gags — managed to have a reasonably intelligent conversation about songwriting, recording, and the exceedingly tricky business of being a professional musician in the 21st century.

Ben was also kind enough to grace us with a couple of live-in-the-studio performances, one of which we’re including here as a sort of appetizer for the main show. Ain’t it pretty?

Ben Arthur, “Wholly Night” (live at Popdose) (download)

Be sure to visit Ben at his website for more information about upcoming projects and tour dates (next up: A spot opening for the legendary Leon Russell in January 2013), as well as samples from If You Look for My Heart. Without further ado, here’s the full-length episode for your listening/streaming/downloading pleasure.

The Matt N’ Jeff Radio Hour, Episode 7: Ben Arthur interview

Meet us back here in a couple of weeks for our chat with our fellow Popdose writer-turned-author, Scott Malchus!