Day 6 of the 12 Days Of Mellowmas!  How excited are you?  You should be very excited.  Today’s track is one of my personal favorites, with no snark intended.  Seriously.  It’s "Winter Wonderland" by America, recorded for their 2002 album Holiday Harmony.  What makes this album specifically very special and Mellow Gold-relevant?  It’s produced by none other than Andrew "Thank You For Being A Friend" Gold!

America:  Winter Wonderland (download)
from Holiday Harmony  Amazon iTunes

  Now, I know you want me to be snarky about this one. It’s going to be hard.  Because I seriously love this song.

Jeff: Hey, stereo separation!  So many guitars!

Jason:  And of course, the ubiquitous jingle bells.  It’s 2002 production values on a 1972 America song.

Jeff: That song being "Horse With No Name."

Jason: …as we’ll see in a second.

Jeff: Second nothin’ — they tip their hand right away.

True.  Oooh, nice lower harmony.  And slide guitar!  And
I like really like those "ooohs" in the background.

Jeff: I really have to give the nod to Gold’s production here.

Jason:  It’s nice, right?  Really full. 

Jeff: It’s some of the best song-in-a-box stuff I’ve heard.

Jason: Here comes the "Horse" nod.  AWESOME!  I don’t know what makes these harmonies "America" harmonies, but they’re perfect.  I would usually give them shit for ripping off "Horse" but it somehow works for me here.

Jeff: This is the sound of mellow desperation.

Jason: Ha!  I don’t think so, though. I think it’s more of a wink.

Jeff: You give them more credit than I do.  I’m pretty sure this was hatched in a marketing meeting.

Jason:  You’re going to laugh at me, but this is my favorite holiday song I’ve heard overall in 2006.

Jeff: This is my favorite holiday song I’ve heard for Mellowmas.

Jason: That’s so mean, Jeff.

Jeff: What?  Think of the songs we’ve heard for Mellowmas.

Jason: Well, I don’t care. I need to share this song with everyone.  Because I love it.  They’re like the poor man’s CSN.  I wonder why they chose Andrew Gold?  Is there some Mellow Gold code they have to abide by?

Jeff: Andrew Mellow Gold!

Jason: Nice!  I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on that one!

Jeff: Yeah, I’m ashamed of myself.

Jason: I think, as a Mellow Gold artist, you’re only allowed to work with other Mellow Gold artists.  You know what that means, of course.  It means that somewhere, Gino Vannelli is sitting by his phone.  Waiting for it to ring.

Jeff: Not to mention Robbie Dupree.  And poor Michael Sembello.

Jason: Dude, fuck Robbie Dupree.  I hate that guy.

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