If you’ve been searching for this week’s Guide, not to worry: It’s been written. Actually, it’s been written for hours now. It’s just that I’m apparently hosting with Our Lady of the Perpetually Resetting Server Connection, so uploading the tuneage has been an adventure.

We’re almost there.

This seems like a good time, though, to tell or remind you that I’ll soon be taking a leave of absence from this space; my wife and I are expecting our first child on the 20th. I’m sort of banking on the kid being late, but I’m well aware that we’re officially on notice.

Anyway, I’m hoping I’ll still be able to pop in now and then for a few bleary-eyed and semi-coherent Listening Booths, but I’m planning on Idiot’s Guides being out of the question for a few weeks, and to that end, one of your fellow readers has been extremely gracious enough to write a three-part Idiot’s Guide to Genesis. I’m very sorry if they aren’t your bag — really I am — but I’m looking forward to learning more about the band.

As always, if there’s a Guide you’ve got in mind, drop me a line at jefito @ gmail.com. I’ve got the files to support a bunch of artists that I either don’t feel comfortable or inspired enough to cover in depth, so throw out some names.

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