The Internet moves fast. Here are a few of our favorite links from the week that was:

Why the afterlife is box office poison [Wired]

Lauded Wainwright: Box set to honor musical patriarch [The Second Disc]

Hating the Band Except for That One Guy: Sebastian Bach [Love Hate Society]

Suburban Metal Dad: Wall of Fame [Addicted to Vinyl]

In praise of Missy Andersen [Cahl’s Juke Joint]

Facebook adds more relationship status options [Gizmodo]

My Dove, My Lamb [Ickmusic]

Physicists build world’s first anti-laser [Wired]

Top 40 Prince songs [Culture Brats]

House budget slashfest: NASCAR = OK. Elmo/women/mercuryless seafood = not OK. [Jeff Vrabel]

Must-hear TV: Prime-time theme songs that still rock [SomethingElse! Reviews]

D.I.Y. Dylan: Bob’s Archive box coming soon [The Second Disc]

Eight movies that inexplicably got cartoon spinoffs [Topless Robot]

Black Dub on Kimmel, plus free live track [Captains Dead]

Proof that movies are getting worse [Gizmodo]

Hear that? It’s the world’s prettiest 8-bit violin, playing you a sad song [Gizmodo]

I Am Number Four will have a sequel, and it will be written by children [Salon]

Books Without Borders: A victory for Amazon — and independent bookstores [TechCrunch]

Twin Peaks, The Twilight Zone, and Star Trek among shows coming to Netflix streaming [AV Club]

Undercover agent sneaks gun through airport’s full-body scanners five times [Gizmodo]

Every Number One single as a single track [Salon]

ET-X, the ET sequel we wish were real [Retroist]

Led Zeppelin, live in San Francisco, 4/27/69 [Captains Dead]

Remembering George Harrison [Addicted to Vinyl]

The Love Hate Society Podcast #1 [Love Hate Society]

Our culture of avarice [Salon]

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