Apologies for the extended downtime, but at the moment, I’m still a man without a host; as it turns out, the company I chose the other night (after five minutes of pissed-off research) isn’t the most ideal match. An astute commenter reminded me about Dreamhost, a company that was actually founded by some friends of a friend, and I’ll be signing up with them this weekend, hopefully getting us back up in time for Monday’s scheduled Cassingle Vault.

The new hosting plan looks like it’ll cost me $190 (two years upfront, with scads of storage and an obscene amount of bandwidth), and of course, anybody who sees it in their heart/wallet to help me defray those costs will have his/her name tattooed permanently on my heart.

In the meantime, here’s the best of what popped up on my RSS reader this week:

John at Lost in the ’80s revisits his When New Wave Happens to Old Artists series, and this time it’s personal Kim Carnes;

Taylor at T-Sides joins the Buena Vista Social Club, then reviews Tuesday’s Amy Winehouse & the Pipettes show;

Slacktivist examines “merit-based pay” for teachers;

Py Korry joins eMusic, and goes all kid in a candy store on us Á¢€” he’s digging on Melissa McClelland, Andrew Morris and GB3, and posts an eMusic Mix Six;

Jeff Vrabel mourns Captain America, then tells us “The Secret”;

Moomin Light takes a look at what’s ailing higher education;

Idolator explores the pitfalls of spending 50 years under the boardwalk;

AM, then FM reminds us that REO Speedwagon used to rock, once;

Our snarky roundtable over at Kurt’s Krap tackles more rockin’ chart-toppers Á¢€” part one and part two;

And Robert (of the excellent Mulberry Panda 96) takes a whack at a Chart Attack!

(I also spent the week helping to hold down the fort over at Rotten Tomatoes’ news department, so if you want to see a pissed-off movie geek calling me “kind of a prick,” now’s your chance.)

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