Kurt’s weekly roundtable continues, with all sorts of snarking on Clapton and Def Leppard, not to mention a lively debate over certain alleged similarities between Mike Reno and Patty Smyth Á¢€” part one and part two;

Consumerist helps you get to know your RIAA;

Slacktivist celebrates laments an anniversary;

John at You Must Be from Away hops on the mixtape express;

Pete at Ickmusic previews some new Steve Earle;

Billy K. at I Like Your Crappy Band loves him some Fabulosos Cadillacs;

Jason descends into the Mines of Mellow Gold and comes back with a steaming pile of Dr. Hook;

And Malchus at Thunderbolt continues his excellent Basement Songs series.

Here’s what I’m writing about at Bullz-Eye this week:

Mary Chapin Carpenter’s The Calling:
(“That this new album suffers by comparison to its predecessor is neither surprising nor an indictment of the songs Á¢€” even if they aren’t Carpenter’s absolute best, they’re still awfully good.”)

Mitch Easter’s Dynamico:
(“He might be part of rock’s over-50 club, but his voice remains essentially the same wiry instrument that sent ‘Every Word Means No’ onto college playlists over two decades ago.”)

Todd Carey’s Watching Waiting:
(“Judge his new CD by its cover, and you’ll come away thinking the immaculately tousled Carey is Ryan Cabrera’s big brother, or maybe a moonlighting Abercrombie model Á¢€” and while those first impressions might not be totally inaccurate, they’re far enough from the truth to keep things interesting.”)

Until June’s Until June:
(“The songs on Until June are vaguely suggestive of Coldplay, maybe, if Coldplay forged an alliance with matchbox twenty, and then hired the yellow-eyed mutant spawn of Tom DeLonge and Kevin Cronin to do lead vocals.”)

And the movie Tortilla Heaven:
(“At its climax, the film takes a break from the unfunny gags and stilted dialogue long enough to make a few pointed statements about the price of progress, but it’s too little, too late.”)

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