“Favorite Zeroes”

Á¢€Å“Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.Á¢€Á¢€”Sergei Rachmaninov
Á¢€Å“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.Á¢€Á¢€”Plato
“A wop-bop-a-loo-bomp. Alop-bam-boo.” Á¢€”Little Richard

Fall Out Boy Á¢€” Thriller (Rob’s Brady Mix) original track from Infinity on High (2007)
Peter Gabriel Á¢€” On the Air from Peter Gabriel 2 (1978)
Kelly Buchanan Á¢€” Favorite Zero from Kelly Buchanan (2008)
Lucky Soul Á¢€” My Brittle Heart from The Great Unwanted (2007)
Sleater-Kinney Á¢€” Light Rail Coyote from One Beat (2002)
Bob Mould Á¢€” Underneath Days from Body of Song (2005)
Magnolia Electric Company Á¢€” The Dark Don’t Hide It from What Comes After the Blues (2005)
Rancid Á¢€” Disconnected from Let the Dominoes Fall (2009)
Red Light Company Á¢€” With Lights Out from Fine Fascination (2009)
Social Distortion Á¢€” Highway 101 from Sex, Love, and Rock ‘N’ Roll (2004)
Hold Steady Á¢€” Yeah Sapphire from Stay Positive (2008)
Audioslave Á¢€” One and the Same from Revelations (2006)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Á¢€” Too Lonely from Life (1987)
Sammy Hagar Á¢€” Back into You from Sammy Hagar / I Never Said Goodbye (1987)
Rolling Stones Á¢€” Heaven from Tattoo You (1981)
Red Hot Chili Peppers Á¢€” Dosed from By the Way (2002)
Velvet Crush Á¢€” Why Not Your Baby from Teenage Symphonies to God (1994)

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