It’s hard out there for working men and women. And that holds for the white collar variety, too; this year’s Labor Day blowout goes out to our brothers and sisters in the cubicles.

Download the full mix (1:12:37).

You can also download the full mix for 2011 (1:20:57). See mix details here.

Intro: Postal workers canceling stamps at the University Of Ghana post office (1975 field recording)
Gang of Four – To Hell With Poverty from Another Day Another Dollar EP (1982)
The Owls – Welcome to Monday from Daughters and Suns (2007)
Dan Reeder – Work Song from Dan Reeder (2003)
Tom Waits – Get Behind the Mule from Mule Variations (1999)
Patti Smith – Piss Factory from Hey Joe 7″ single (1974)
Elvis Presley – Big Boss Man from Clambake (1967)
Rajaton – Mita Kaikatat, Kivonen (Wherefore Grumblest Thou, O Grindstone)? from Nova (2000)
REM – Finest Worksong from Document (1987)
Klark Kent – Office Girls from Kollected Works (1995)
Papercuts – Dear Employee from Can’t Go Back (2007)
Rilo Kiley – Moneymaker from Under The Blacklight (2007)
The Members – Working Girl from Uprhythm Downbeat (1982)
Julian Cope – Five O’Clock World from My Nation Underground (1988)
Procol Harum – Bringing Home the Bacon from Grand Hotel (1973)
Joe Jackson – Friday from I’m the Man (1979)
The Flying Lizards – Money (That’s What I Want) from The Flying Lizards (1979)
The Skids – Working for the Yankee Dollar [single version] original version on Days in Europa (1979)
Hole – Credit In The Straight World from Live Through This (1994)
XTC – Earn Enough for Us from Skylarking (1986)
Marshall Crenshaw – Monday Morning Rock from Field Day (1983)

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