To paraphrase an old adage: those who can, do, and those who can’t, write. For the last couple of years now, you’ve been good enough to come to our site every Friday and download all the really cool tracks that we’ve selected for the week’s Mixtape. This week we thought we’d change things up a bit. The fact is, a number of Popdose writers are musicians themselves; they can not only write — they can do, too. So we put out a call for songs from our writers, and got a a nice response, and a whole lot of great tunes. The talent level was a surprise even to us.

We’re not sure why, but Editor-In-Chief Jeff Giles has used a couple of different aliases in his music career. Since he’s the top guy, we thought it would only be right to have him bat leadoff. The first three songs are from Jeff, as part of the band Lost Causes, and as a solo artist (under Jeff DeWester). Three songs from our resident Friday Mixtape-ologist, Dw. Dunphy come next; Dw.’s got strong opinions, and some strong songwriting and production skills to go with them. He’s followed by New Music Editor Ken Shane with three songs from his 2004 album, South Ridgeway Avenue.

“How Bad Can It Be?” columnist Jack Feerick was in a Boston folk-punk band called We Saw the Wolf. He contributes a track from the band with a real Decemberists-type feel. The answer? Not bad, not bad at all. By now you know that Anthony Hansen was responsible for the epic two-part post, the Popdose Guide to David Bowie, and his own music is not without ties to Bowie. Here he presents some really cool electronica textures for your perusal. We all know Rob Smith from his Uncle Donnie’s “Unsolicited Career Advice,” and “Death By Power Ballad.” Well, no power ballads here, but Rob gives us three songwriting demos that do what demos are supposed to do: present the songs in the best possible light. In a last minute addition, our go-to jam band guy Ben Wiser came up with what he describes as “pretty noisy,” by a project of his called Aboleth. Hmmm, sounds pretty cool to us. Last, but by no means least, our Podcaster-in-Chief, Dave Lifton, has come up with a cool contribution of his own.

Finally, a very special mystery track is presented for your listening, and laughing, pleasure. And yes, the Popdose staff was involved in this one too.

So there you have it, and here it is. The first Friday Mixtape: Popdose Staff Edition. Hopefully there will be more. Let us know what you think.

Lost Causes – (You’re My) Favorite Waste of Time
Lost Causes – I Could Be Happy Here
Jeff DeWester – Far and Wide
Dw. Dunphy – Secondhand Home Movies
Dw. Dunphy – Your Saturday Sins
Dw. Dunphy – The Death of An American Man
Ken Shane – When I Loved You
Ken Shane – Sacred Heart
Ken Shane – Summer and Smoke
We Saw the Wolf – Between the Lines
Anthony Hansen – Mr. Hack
Anthony Hansen – Tango Between Teardrops
Anthony Hansen – Through the Haze
Rob Smith – Let It All Begin
Rob Smith – Thought I Wished On A Star
Rob Smith – Wedding Anthem
Aboleth – Barzoum III
Dave Lifton – While The World
Mystery Bonus Track

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Ken Shane

Ken Shane lives in Narragansett, R.I. He is a freelance writer and far and away the oldest Popdose writer. In fact, he may be the oldest writer, period. He wants you to know that he generally does not share his colleagues' love for the music of the '80s, and he does not forgive them for loving it. (Ken passed away in November 2022. R.I.P. —Ed.)

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