A term I’m really trying to make into a thing is “Generation Teletubby,” describing a demographic as happy to experience something again! Again! as they are experiencing new things — maybe even moreso. It’s the only way I can explain this week’s top ten, as they’re pretty much the same damned tracks that have been top ten all month long.

For this week I chose not to embed these videos because I couldn’t stand seeing them again! Again!

1. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

2. Set Fire To The Rain – Adele

3. We Are Young – fun. Featuring Janelle Monae

4. Part Of Me – Katy Perry

5. Glad You Came – The Wanted

6. We Found Love – Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris

7. Good Feeling – Flo Rida

8. Turn Me On – David Guetta Featuring Nicki Minaj

9. Young, Wild & Free – Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Featuring Bruno Mars

10. Starships – Nicki Minaj

Stop by next week to see if the U.S. music-purchasing majority gets over its crippling fear of change (not bloody likely).


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