Jeff Giles: Can we finally stop feeling a tingle of apprehensive dread when the words “Lucasfilm Ltd.” flash across the screen?

Jack Feerick: It’s about goddamn time somebody made this movie.

Jeff: I want to see that quote on the box art for the DVD.

Chris Holmes: Well, Lucas is only the executive producer, so that fills me with hope that we won’t see Commander Jar Jar shoehorned into the plot. That little pep rally at around 1:40 felt phony and too modernized. I was waiting for them to put in their mouth guards and start slapping each other’s shoulder pads.

Bob Cashill: A January release date is always cause for concern, though I figure it’s sort of tied into MLK day. In an alternate movie universe, Gooding, Jr. goes from his last WWII epic (Pearl Harbor) to this, and the intervening 10 years didn’t happen.

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