The beauty of Peanuts exists on several levels:  the warmth of the characters; the sense of empathy one has for Charlie Brown; the sweetness and innocence of these children; the messages contained within both the comic strip and the T.V. specials that have appeared over the years.  Understand, I grew up with and loved everything about Peanuts – from the first moment I’d ever read one of the collections or saw A Charlie Brown Christmas as a child.  Now, even in my 50’s and not a father, I still find joy and pleasure in watching these programs and these beloved characters.

And once again, Warner Home Video has offered up this dynamic collection, Peanuts:  Emmy Honored Collection, a 2-disc gathering of no less than 9 Emmy nominated/winning Peanuts specials from over the years.  Although these are cartoons, there are also some very powerfully poignant lessons to be learned, such as with “Why, Charlie Brown, Why?” in which Linus tries to learn how to cope with the serious illness of a friend of his; “Is This Goodbye, Charlie Brown?”, where Lucy and Linus Van Pelt have to move away, thus leaving the gang behind and “What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?”, where the Peanuts gang visits Europe and learns about sacrifice via the World Wars.  Of course, there’s the fun element with “It’s Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown” and “Life’s A Circus, Charlie Brown” as Snoopy takes center stage and hams it up as only Snoopy can do.

I freely admit, I can still feel the same waves of emotion when watching Peanuts; it’s such a deeply ingrained part of me, that this collection, at times, moved me near to tears.  So give this to your children as a gift, sit down, watch it and enjoy with them and for yourself.  Peanuts will always be worth the effort.


Peanuts:  Emmy Honored Collection is available now


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