Here’s a wonderful record of songs featuring Batman and some of his DC Comics cast of characters, sung by a group called the Merriettes. Like the Children’s Treasury of Superman Musical Stories, each character gets two songs.

This first track has an intro reminiscent of the Batman TV show’s theme, which I would assume was the reason for the album in the first place. I did find one thing odd, though: on the show, I thought the Caped Crusader was always referred to as Batman, but on this record he’s always called the Batman. I know he’s called that occasionally, but I didn’t think it was happening yet in the ’60s.

Look Out for the Batman

Here’s the second song featuring (the) Batman. It’s a sprightly little tune, even though they sing about “When someone tries to plot a holdup or a killin’.” Yeah, I know they just used the word to have something to rhyme with “villain,” but that’s still a bit more intense than I’d expect on a children’s record!

It’s the Batman

The next song features Robin the Boy Wonder. (At least they don’t call him “the Robin.”) In this one they sing about all the amazing things Robin can do. Heck, if he’s “an acrobat, a pugilist, mechanic, wizard, and scientist,” what does he need Batman for? I do like the jazzy little instrumental break in the middle, though.

There Goes Robin

You can’t have a Batman album without featuring the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker. For some reason, this song seems to have the same intro as “Casper the Friendly Ghost.” I don’t know why, other than the fact that they both have white faces. If I was more creative, I’d edit together scenes of the Joker (Heath Ledger) from 2008’s The Dark Knight and incorporate this song. Anybody else want to try it?

Ho Ho Ho, the Joker’s Wild

Now, a song about the Penguin: I like “A Penguin Caper” because it’s actually a little musical story about the squat villain and his gang planning to rob a bank. It makes robbery, mayhem, and skulduggery sound like so much fun. (SPOILER ALERT! Batman and Robin catch the Penguin at the end.)

A Penguin Caper

And who’s the final character to get a set of songs? The Riddler? Alfred? Commissioner Gordon? No, it’s the Batmobile, described here as “The Battiest Car Around”! I like how they sing that “There’s never been a car on wheels like the wonderful Batmobile.” Aren’t all cars on wheels?

The Battiest Car Around

Anyway, if you like these songs you’ll want to get the entire album. Luckily, you can do that here!