It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to pull out another album from the Way Out Junk archives. Today’s music selection from Fat Albert and the Junkyard Band is called Rock ‘n’ Roll Disco, which is rather odd since their music is really neither rock ‘n’ roll nor disco. However, there are a few different styles on display here, along with the usual pop/R & B-ish vibe you’d expect.

Our first song is a doo-wop number called “Mr. Shakespeare.” In it, Fat Albert sings to the Bard himself, asking for help with his girl troubles because someone plays a better Romeo to her Juliet.

Fat Albert – Mr. Shakespeare

Next we have “Skippin’ Out.” Here he sings about skipping away because it’s so nice outside. (I assume he’s talking about skipping school here.) In the second verse he sings about them heading out down the highway in his car. Wait a minute. Fat Albert has a car? Could Fat Albert even fit in a car?

Fat Albert – Skippin’ Out

The next song, called “She Doesn’t See Me,” has a nice Latin sort of beat to it. In this song he laments the fact that even with glasses, bifocals, and binoculars she doesn’t see him. (I’m resisting the urge to ask, “How could she miss him?”)

Fat Albert – She Doesn’t See Me

Fat Albert and the gang go country in “I Wanna Be a Cowboy” (not to be confused with the Boys Don’t Cry hit). This is the only song where we get an actual “Hey Hey Hey!”

Fat Albert – I Wanna Be a Cowboy

Finally, what would a Fat Albert album be without a song about “Friends”? Well, it wouldn’t be this one!

Fat Albert – Friends

This was more than I originally intended to include in this post, but I liked the variety of the songs included here. If you want to hear the rest of this album, you can download it here!

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