For those of you coming in late to the game, I have a (currently dormant) blog called ”Way Out Junk,” where I showcased some of the craziest, most enjoyable, and off the wall children’s and novelty records that are no longer in print. A number of the links on that site have fallen by the wayside, so I thought I’d share some of my most requested ones here.

Here’s the Rocking Horse Orchestra and Chorus with their versions of some now classic songs although, technically speaking, the only Sesame Street songs here are the theme and “Rubber Duckie”. The rest are various kid’s songs, including ”Ozzie the Ostrich”, ”The Tail of Dickie Dragon”, and the imaginatively named ”Drag the Magic Puffin.” Apparently Sesame Street was pretty new when this album came out because there’s a very extensive write-up about the show on the back cover. (“No. 123 is an aged brownstone around which the show is based. This is where Gordon and Susan and Bob live. Gordon and Susan are married and they are black. Gordon is a high school science teacher. Bob is also a high school teacher and he is white.”)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, and if there’s any other albums there at my old blog that you’d like to see me share here, just let me know!

Rubber Duckie

It’s Simple as A-B-C

Ozzie the Ostrich

A My Name Is

Sesame Street Theme

The Tale of Dickie Dragon

A Song for Each Letter of the Alphabet

Drag the Magic Puffin