journeytothemoon frontWith the moon being in the news recently, it seemed like a good time to talk about this fun album, which talks about the great adventure we’ll have when we land on the moon. Here are a few songs from the album.

The song that starts out the festivities is “With a Great Big Noise Like Thunder,” which talks about how loud the rocket will be when it zooms into space. But don’t worry, no matter how fast it goes, cameras will catch everything. There’s some narration after the song that I was going to cut out, but I decided not to because it’s kind of charming to hear somebody talk about landing on the moon in future tense. I also like how he keeps referring to the satellite in the rocket as a “man-made moon.”

With a Great Big Noise Like Thunder

In “Meet Space Pilot Jones,” we learn that our astronaut is extremely smart and is between 5’ 2” and 5’ 10” tall. I don’t remember a specific height requirement once we got the real guys into space, but it would make a lot of sense. We also find that his space suit makes him look like a barrel. Not the look you want to pull off if you run into some foxy space ladies!

Meet Space Pilot Jones

Next we have “The Story of the Planets,” which is a fun calypso song about how the planets revolve around the Sun. This is back when Pluto was still in the Planet Club. The narrator even talks about new planets being “billions and billions” of miles away, long before Carl Sagan copped that phrase.

The Story of the Planets

“Put a Penny in the Scale” helps you learn that you will weigh differently on different planets, (that is of course if you don’t burn up or freeze when you get there). And if you can even find a coin-operated scale any more, chances are putting a penny in it will just end up losing your penny.

Put a Penny in the Scale

Finally, this song explains that the distance between the Earth and the Moon is the same as “50 Round Trips” from New York to California. However, the rocket to the moon can go seven miles a second, which is a bit faster than the posted speed limits for the car trip.

50 Round Trips

I hope you enjoyed this one. Like I said before, I thought it was kind of cool to hear people fantasizing about something we barely think about any more. As always, if you’d like the entire album, it can be found here.