I’m back with another request from my old blog, Way Out Junk. I’ve actually done a number of plays and musicals through my local community theatre, and I have to say that I’d have a blast (so to speak) trying to do this show. The basic plot involves the invasion of Earth (starting with a Milwaukee Army base) in the 1950’s by that “zaftig vixen”, Queen Zombina and her Zombettes. Their aim is to conquer and enslave all men in order to repopulate their planet by using Zombina’s secret weapon, her hypnotic singing voice. Throw in a brave scientist, an Army general and his lovely daughter, a Russian spy, and a tap-dancing delivery boy and you’ve got this really funny show that was performed Off-Broadway in 1996. And you gotta love a show that’s scored for piano keyboard, percussion, and accordion!

And remember, if you have any requests from my old homestead, let me know and I’ll try to get them on here.

Zombina Naraba Blimpo!

Prologue/The Sky’s the Limit

A Flying Saucer

The Rocket-Roll

Second Planet on the Right

Blast-Off Baby

Atomic Feet

The Saucer Descends

Big Wig

Rocket-Roll (Reprise)

In the Stars

Beauty Shop Opening

Secret Weapon

Zombies from the Beyond

Dateline: Milwaukee

Second Planet (Reprise)

The American Way

I Am a Zombie

Zombina’s Broad-cast

The Last Man on Earth

Zombina Destroys Milwaukee

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Keep Watching the Skies