Been a heady week here at jefitoblog — last week’s Stone of Sisyphus review was discovered by the folks at, not to mention former Chicago guitarist Dawayne Bailey, not to mention a gaggle of prog nerds at some Rush and Yes message boards (I’m still trying to figure that one out).

And then, to top it all off, the blog has been given its first impartial third-party review. Jamyblue and Parker over at The Weblog Review gave me a 4 and 3.75 out of 5, respectively, and since reading what they had to say, I haven’t left the phone. I’m sure the offers for big endorsement deals will come rolling in any minute now.

Actually, it’s pretty cool. I believe every blogger (myself included) is absolutely in love with the sight of his own words, so for these two to take time out to actually read what I’m writing long enough to form an opinion is above and beyond what I expect from anybody on the Interweb. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the both of them — Jamy, for her wholly positive words, and Parker, for his list of cranky complaints. Both have been taken to heart. You may have noticed that the font size here is now a little larger, and that you can adjust it yourself by changing your browser settings — that’s thanks to Parker, who claimed the previous font size was too small for him to read. Personally, I liked the way it looked better before, but I don’t want to lose the Mr. Magoos out there who can’t decipher 8-point type, so there you have it.

If you’re the type of person who spends time poking around blog footers, you may also have noticed that clicking on my name will allow you to e-mail me. It never occurred to me that anybody reading this would want to, but if that’s your bag, now you can.

Jamy pointed out that guests must register to leave non-anonymous comments, and wanted to know why. The answer is that I’m as dumb as a stump, and as far as I can tell, there’s no option in WordPress for allowing such a thing to happen. (I even Googled it.) So the non-registerers among you will need to stay anonymous for at least the foreseeable future. She also mentioned the horrible formatting errors in the archives, which I’m aware of; it’s just that the archives are so big that it’s going to take me a really long time to get it done. The way it’s been happening so far is that I’ll check the stats, notice that someone found the site by Googling something like “Steve Perry in a Robocop outfit,” and follow the link, only to discover that the page is all messed up. Then I spend the next half hour fixing all the entries for the offending month.

It’ll get done eventually. I swear.

Anyway, that’s it. Just wanted to say thanks. Fellow bloggers should take a peek at The Weblog Review — it’s only been a few hours since their review posted, and I’ve already gotten a few hits from the site. Beats cheesy ad exchange scams any day.

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