So, I know the Weeknight ’80s Dance Party is showing up a day later than usual; better late than never, right?

As I was putting this mix together, I realized that, after the all-ladies mix of last time, there are no chicks present here and that was completely unintentional. This mix is comprised mostly of songs that I didn’t even realize I owned — I suppose that’s bound to happen when you have 12 GB of 12″ mixes in your music library. This mix is also full of songs that I remember hearing back in the day, but either didn’t know or didn’t remember the title of. And there are even a few that I admit I don’t think I ever heard back in the ’80s.

A few other observations about this mix:

  • I had no idea John Oates co-wrote Icehouse’s “Electric Blue.” I feel like I should’ve known that.
  • The Bronski Beat song makes me want to run up and down the street yelling, “TELL ME WHY!”
  • No matter how hard I try, I can’t not think of Napoleon Dynamite¬†when I hear “Forever Young.”
  • I love that Billy Idol remix way more than I probably should.
  • The first 20 seconds of the Belouis Some song sound like part of the soundtrack of an ’80s cop movie.

Bronski Beat – Why? (Full 12″ Version)
Cetu Javu – Have In Mind (Kalimba Mix)
Endgames – First, Last, For Everything (12″ Mix)
Noiseworks – No Lies (Extended Version)
Julian Cope – Trampoline (Warne Out Mix)
Billy Idol – Flesh For Fantasy (Remix)
Dead or Alive – My Heart Goes Bang (12″ Mix)
Big Audio Dynamite – Medicine Show (12″ Remix)
C.C.C.P. – American-Soviets (12″ Mix)
Oingo Boingo – Pain (12″ Version)
The Silencers – Painted Moon (Blues Mix)
Icehouse – Electric Blue (12″ Mix)
Belouis Some – Imagination (12″ Mix)
Alphaville – Forever Young (Special Extended Mix)
Howard Jones – What Is Love (Extended Mix)

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