You know, Glen Phillips. On-again, off-again lead singer for Toad the Wet Sprocket? Yeah. That guy. Turns out he’s got a new album on the way, andÁ¢€”well, I’ll let him tell you:

Hello, Everybody.

The new album, Mr Lemons, is just about here. There is a presale through my webstore (at which I strongly encourage you to take advantage of. I’m signing all copies of the presale, and it would be sad to have a sore wrist for nothing. The release date is May 2nd. This makes me very happy.

Tour starts soon, too. I’ll be out with Willy Porter in May, and then mixing up solo and Toad shows throughout the summer, including many coheadlining dates with Big Head Todd.

There is a Ringtone of “Everything But You” being released 4/28 as part of a fundraising drive for Sweet Relief ( Pearl Jam, Tegan & Sara, Jars of Clay and others are also participating. Sweet Relief provides musicians with health services, and also provides care and support for elderly musicians.

Here’s the stuff my manager wants you to know: “All I Want” Will be on Cold Case this Sunday. “True” will be on The Unit 5/2, and I’ll be doing a segment with Extra TV. Also, Everything But You will be released to radio the second week of May (AAA stations and Non-Commercial radio), and we are shooting a video for it this weekent (my first live-action video since Toad! Yay!).

While I’m asking favors: I have avoided doing the spammy thing on Myspace. I don’t solicit random people, I don’t throw up big banners on people’s comments, I haven’t hired one of those “get more friends” services. I like to think that this can all be legitimately grassroots. So here’s my request: If you would like to mention me to your friends, I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe you know someone who liked Toad but doesn’t know about my solo stuff, maybe you could mention me on your blog or post a song on your page. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Keep it real, or just ignore the request and keep enjoying the music. I understand either way. Self promotion is:well:kind of weird. I don’t quite have the feel for it. I don’t have the big label behind me any more, though, and I need all the help I can get.

Thanks again for the support, and I hope I can meet a few of you out on the road.

More to come soon:

Be well

See and hear more at Glen’s fucking MySpace page. And oh yes, we’ll be reviewing Mr. Lemons when it comes out next month, don’t you worry.

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