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Welcome back to Bootleg City, party people — this week’s stop takes us to Patty Griffin Boulevard, third house down on the left, otherwise known as Silver Bell. I hate to keep saying his name over and over, but this delectable piece of unreleased goodness comes to us via Jason at Plagiarist, where the prose is sweet and the living’s easy. If you aren’t heading over there on a daily basis already, it’s time to start.

Go ahead. Do it. I’ll wait here.

Anyway, what was supposed to be Griffin’s third release — scheduled for 2000, then 2001 — still has yet to officially come out, and probably never will (although in this day and age, you never know). As always with records that are indefinitely shelved only to take on a life of their own among passionate fans and Internet dorks everywhere, Silver Bell missed store shelves because the suits at the label were earless dunderheads.

You know the refrain: “We don’t hear a single.” Which is pretty funny in this case, because I’m pretty sure the Dixie Chicks turned “Truth #2″ into a country hit. But hey, hindsight, 20/20, et cetera. Point is, Patty Griffin is great, Silver Bell should have been released, and if you like her, you’ll enjoy the hell out of this.

If you don’t like her, you may very well be an earless dunderhead.

Without further ado, Silver Bell. Enjoy!

Recorded in March of 2000 at Kingsway Studio in New Orleans.

vocals, guitar, piano – Patty Griffin
guitar – Doug Lancio
keyboards – John Deaderick
bass – Frank Swart
percussion – Billy Beard

produced by Craig Ross, Jay Joyce, and Malcolm Burn
mixed by Robbie Adams

1. Little God
2. Boston
3. Perfect White Girls
4. Truth #2 (with Emmylou Harris)
5. What You Are
6. Silver Bell
7. Driving
8. Sooner or Later
9. Top of the World
10. Sorry and Sad
11. Making Pies
12. Mother of God
13. One More Girl
14. Standing

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