Two things, real quick:

1. I’m posting this from a moving car. Technology is pretty cool, when it does what I want.
2. My buddy Gene rescued about 99% of the files on my music drive.

This means that once I get my desktop back (a week from Sunday), we’re totally back in business here. Idiot’s Guides, the Back Room, you name it.

The true impact of Gene’s hard work is most fully felt by me, of course, but I’d like to think all of you benefit as well…so if you appreciate what he’s done here, please feel free to toss a few dollars in the tip jar (located in the left margin, top of the page). I know he’s out of pocket at least $80 for some software he ended up having to buy, in addition to his valuable time…anyway, I know this isn’t your problem at all, but like I said, if you’d like to contribute, please feel free to do so. We can get Gene a nice big gift certificate to New Egg or something.

More tales from the road later. We’re still quite a ways from Madison…

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